Scars To Your Beautiful

Over the Christmas period, I started to get a rash so bad that at first, it looked like hives. I have never had anything like this before so I was extremely worried. I first assumed it was an allergic reaction until a pharmacist informed me it was eczema. This shocked me as I don't have eczema and I have never had eczema before. For two weeks I was unable to get an appointment with my GP, it drove me crazy, I started googling everything I could find out about eczema and ways to treat it. The only thing that actually worked for me was coconut oil.

Eventually, I got an appointment with the GP and was told I didn't have eczema and in fact, it was just body acne. This conclusion still makes no sense as my rash looked nothing like body acne but nonetheless, the prescription the GP gave me has been working so far. So if any of my readers currently suffer from any form of acne I recommend talking to your GP about Duac cream.

Anyways, finally getting to the point of this post. I am now left with scars all over, starting from my neck and ending at my ankles. I am someone who hates scars! Growing up I always seemed to have more scars than everyone else and people weren't afraid to point this out to me. I wouldn't say I was bullied, I think people were just intrigued, however, it made me very insecure. I used to always do research into bleaching, for a long time I tried rubbing lemons on my scars.. this did nothing. I can't say I've tried bleaching creams as my mum would never let me do such a thing but I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it.

I can't say much has changed now that I'm older but I'm beginning to understand that beauty is more than skin deep and scars are nothing to be ashamed off. They, in fact, make me unique and give me a story. I won't lie I still get very insecure sometimes, especially with these new scars I've gained in the past few days. However, I am lucky to have people around me who constantly remind me that scars fade.

I have a lot of personal growth to do, I hope this blog helps me with this and also encourages others to be more confident in themselves.

- Jacq


  1. I've been told that vitamin E can help scars fade. You're right, though, that the superficial, by it's nature, cannot be of first importance.

    1. No it cannot and I've never tried vitamin E. Thank you for the recommendation. Thank you for reading.


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