Just A Bad Day



So it's five o clock and I'm not feeling as crappy as I was before. I decided to get out of bed, stop being sorry for myself and do something with my day.

Guess it was just a bad morning? I dunno but I'm glad I allowed myself to go through the motions. Usually, I'd put on a show and act as though everything was fine which usually led to me not being able to sleep at night because I was so emotional and then three-hour cry-along begins. It really is ok to not be ok, the most important thing is not to dwell on whatever you're going through for too long. At some point, you have to pick yourself up and tell yourself you're stronger than this!

Our minds are very powerful so it is vital that we learn to take control and not let the negative thoughts/voices convince us that we are weak! If you've had or are currently having a bad day, I hope your day eventually gets better.

- Jacq


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