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My apologies to everyone who hates spiders, however, I hope you cringed a little when seeing the pictures as it is the reaction I wanted.

I don't know if it's normal but I have a whole lot of fears, I'm scared of cats, I have trypophobia (I believe that is how it's spelt), scared of flying, I used to be scared of travelling alone but I overcame that fear on my 20th birthday which was two years ago. I have attempted to overcome my fear of cats numerous times but lort, the struggle is real. If you're scared of cats please let me know cause everyone around me doesn't understand my fear.

Anyways getting to the point of my post, I fear life itself . I've had many opportunities to do something really amazing but because I was scared of the unknown I decided not to partake. My anxiety often interferes in my day to day life, from calling in sick at work because of scared to leave the house to not saying hi to someone because I'm not sure if they care for my existence. I hate having anxiety it often makes me feel like a little tiny ant.

I started off this post discussing my fear of cats and holes because it also interferes with my day to day life. My fears genuinely has a control over me and its something I really want to change. I am bigger than my fears, I am stronger than my fears and I believe the more tell myself this the sooner I will overcome.

Why fear the unknown when you actually don't even know what it is you're actually scared of. I definitely know it is easier said than done but I know longer want my anxiety to control me and to dedicate what I can and can't do.

Do you have any fears? Or suffer from anxiety? If so comment and let me know ways you control your fears and anxiety.

Totally off topic but Manchester really has amazing museums.

- Jacq


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I can honestly say I don't really have self control. I never know when to stop eating, binge watching or just not be overly emotional towards someone else. I'm not too sure what steps to take towards working on this but I'm sure acceptance is the first step.

If you have any tips, let me know. Thanks.

- Jacq


Yesterday was an amazing day I was very happy and I kept getting good news all day. However, I've noticed that today I woke up feeling emotionless. I'm not sad or happy I'm just me.

Does anyone feel like this after being happy? I feel like I'm unable to process the emotions that have been felt for the past few hours and that's crazy. I guess I've always been this way.

I hate feeling like I don't have any control over my emotions. I feel like I'm not in control of my self and that doesn't sit right with me. The mind is very powerful.

Nonetheless, I have had a productive day. I did laundry, cleaned my room and the flat and made sure I ate.

- Jacq