Difficult Relationships


Maintaining friendships and romantic relationships can be very difficult for those without mental health issues and especially us with mental health issues.
Sometimes we do things that may hurt others but at the time we do not realise. Something we all do is either intentionally or unknowingly pushing people away. I know I do both. Pushing people away used to be a coping mechanism for me as I saw it as if you aren't close to me I can't hurt you and you can never hurt me.
However in the process I end up getting hurt and hurting the other person. So what was the point? Everything always comes down to communication. Growing up I was the worst at communicating, I still think I'm kind of bad. I don't like opening up to people or admitting that I'm scared of getting hurt. I always had my walls up and was ready to attack anytime I felt victimised. Now that I'm older I've distanced myself from friends a lot as I've found not all are sensitive to my anxiety. Not because they're bad friends simply because they don't understand.
I've had friends arrange to meet up and forget but I'm already outside waiting around. I don't think you understand how frightened and alone you feel in that moment unless you suffer from anxiety.
This year I want to be more vocal and stand in my truth. I want to let my family, friends and boyfriend know when they're putting me in uncomfortable situations.
I wanna know does anyone else have this same problem and if so how do you handle it?
- Jacq


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